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Bizcaddy testing

Bing_1985 1 year ago • updated by anonymous 1 month ago 0

Hi, I've created the offline tables for a basic app - can I use the Bizcaddy app for testing in a Salesforce sandbox?



Older android devices

Terrier01 2 years ago • updated by Todd 2 years ago 1


We have older tablet Android devices running different versions of Android. Is there a way of telling if we can still use MobileCaddy on these?

Thanks in advance

Todd 2 years ago

Hi Terrier01,

Our full device and OS policy can be found here.

At the time of writing we support back to Android 4.4

Just for info - restrictions on devices/OS are applied by various factors including lower-level support of the Salesforce Mobile SDK.


Data residency?

Babble_17 2 years ago • updated by anonymous 4 months ago 2

My client has asked about data residency. Where is the data stored for MobileCaddy?

Todd 2 years ago


On the mobile devices the SmartStore technology, provided by the Salesforce Mobile SDK, is used to house the data. In essence SmartStore uses SQLCipher with AES256 bit encryption.

Data is transferred directly between the device and Salesforce over https, no middle server architecture is in place.


Invitation to my devorg

sahanperera90 2 years ago • updated by Todd 2 years ago 1

Please send me an invitation to start using MobileCaddy in my Devorg

Under review

Use MobileCaddy in our Sales Org

Jon Cline 3 years ago • updated by justin 3 years ago 2
Can you activate my usfdI'd like to use MobileCaddy to demonstrate in our Sales Trial org.

Org ID: 00DF0000000gD1R