Error in dev console

Dylan_78 1 year ago • updated by Todd 1 year ago 1


Running up in codeflow and seeing this err in the dev console... any ideas where to start to find what the issue is?

Error caught when calling com.salesforce.smartstore:pgCloseCursor Should be exactly 1 table defn row for table: Observation__ap, but we got 0


Hi @Dylan,

Looks like your app code is expecting a table to be mobilised, when perhaps it has not yet, or maybe you're using cached metadata. This error is seen if your logic is requesting to sync a table that the local MobileCaddy lib cannot find any metadata for.

These steps might help;

1) Check in the App Data of the Dynamic Version you're accessing to see if the table you're trying to access has been mobilised, and also that is has been activated.

2) Run up the Codeflow Control Panel (http://localhost:3030/codeflow) whilst your app is running. From here you should see a list of known tables on the left menu bar.

3) If (1) is mobilised but you do not see the table in step (2) then you prob need to just scrub the local metadata and re-run the app. On the Codeflow Control Panel there is a "Scrub (partial)" button - clicking this should re-run the app up with the initial step of scrubbing the metadata from the local cache and re-requesting if from the Salesforce org.