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how to change the country, right now it shows US but i want to change the country

Shehan 1 year ago • updated by Todd 1 year ago 3

how to change the country, right now it shows US but i want to change the country, so please help me with this matter because its an assignment for our project. how to shoe a different country map

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Hi Shehan, apologies but I'm not entirely sure what you're asking. Could you please provide some further information, details and context around what you're asking?

as in the google maps example, when you implement it it shows locations of US, basically it takes the zip codes as US zip codes, so I want to change the country and use the zip codes or and if i can use lat lng is also fine, but how to change the map as in when it is loaded for an example load the UK zip codes instead of US. Actually im not much aware of ionic and angular but i have 6 weeks to finish the Delivery process in our project so im trying to learn everything within a limited period of time, so im thankful for you kind attention :D

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Ah right, you're referencing out recipe here http://developer.mobilecaddy.net/docs/cookbook/add-a-google-map-and-route/

If you look at the code in the tutorial, for the controller part, there are these lines.

$scope.journeyLegs = [];var journeyLeg = {"zipPostalCode": "66045", "contactId": "1"};
// Call the method to add the route
$scope.addRoute("94087", "27215");
In these lines we are setting up a waypoint and then a start and end to a journey using US Zip Codes. If you were to replace these with UK postcodes then it will work just as expected.

You can see this in this codepen that I forked off the one in the tutorial