Approve Third Party Access when installing MobileCaddy Managed Package

When you first install the MobileCaddy managed package into your salesforce org you will be asked to Approve Third-Party Access.

You will need to grant access to and press continue to allow the package to be installed.

Why does MobileCaddy require access to this site?

When you install the package the first step will be to activate the package with us. For that we make a call to our own salesforce org to confirm your licence and then activate the package. 

We DO NOT query or send any application data. The following data is transmitted:

  1. Org ID
  2. Org Type
  3. Email (the email you enter when activating)
  4. The Version of the MobileCaddy Package (to allow us to ensure you are running the latest version)
If you would like more information on how this is call is made, and why, please raise a ticket on this forum or contact us directly 

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